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The following resolutions are available in an electronic format that requires Adobe Reader to be viewed. The resolution can be viewed in its entirety by clicking on the resolution by number web part. 


 2011-1 Adopting existing Rules & Regs from Lilly Water Department
 2011-2 Designation of Depository

Authorizing two financial signatures for financial documents

 2011-4 Appointment of Secretary/Treasurer-2011

Appointment of Solicitor and Engineer-2011

 2011-6 Election of Chair and Vice Chairperson-2011
 2011-7 Amendment of water rates and rules effective March, 2011
 2011-8 Rates & Rules for svcs leaks & penalties for noncompliance
 2011-9 Imposition of $50.00 check return fee for non sufficent funds
 2011-10 Election of Chair/Vice Chair; Secretary/Treas for 2012
 2012-1 Amendment of water rates and rules for 2012
 2012-2 Amending regular meeting dates to the 1st Wednesday of month

Election of Chair/Vice Chair; Secretary/Treas for 2013

 2013-2 Requiring cash, certif chk or money order on returned checks
 2013-3 Borrow $30,000 from FNB Lilly for capital improvment project
 2013-4 Election of Chair/Vice Chair; Secretary/Treas for 2014