There is a variety of Churches of different faiths in the area for residents to Worship.  
         OLMC                      Our Lady of the Alleghenies
                     Our Lady of Mount Carmel                                                                     Our Lady of the Alleghenies
                      Father Scott Lill                                                                                    Pastor Msgr. Sasway
                      136 Hilltop Road                                                                                   608 Main Street
                      Lilly PA 15938                                                                                      Lilly  PA  15938
                      814/884-0205                                                                                      814/886-2504
St. Lukes Lutheran Church                             United Methodist
           St. Lukes Lutheran Church                                                                                 Lilly United Methodist Church
               Pastor John Palko                                                                                          Pastor Valerie Conrad
            600 Cleveland Street                                                                                        Willow Street
               Lilly PA 15938                                                                                                Lilly PA 15938
               814/886-2222                                                                                              814/467-8646
    Our Lady of the Alleghenies Chapel              
            Our Lady of The Alleghenies-Chapel
                     414  Portage Street
                       Lilly, PA  15938